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Stress & Anxiety ?

There is more to Life...

Join me in a 6 week Stress & Anxiety Course using my experience with my clients to help you understand , explore, deal with and move past it.

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Learning, Understanding and Dealing with Stress & Anxiety

A 6 Week course to understanding and managing "stress states"

What You Will Learn

Hi, Thanks for stopping by.

I've created a 6 part, 6 week comprehensive course on Stress & Anxiety using my experience as an international coach and hypnotherapist.

Using all the knowledge and experience gained from working with my own clients who experience high stress in Motorsport, Business, Police Forces as well as my regular clients.

I'm sharing all the details, content and tools that I use in my 1:1 sessions with my clients.

If you want to understand either your own or other's "stress states" this course can help you learn and understand strategies and tools to make real changes in your life.

Discover, Understand, Learn

Find some 'Peace and Calm' and Discover Ways to Increase Your Resilience.


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In Week 1....

  • Discover - Learn and Understand a Definition of Stress...
  • Explore - How do People Know What They Are Experiencing?
  • "Problems" vs "problems" ?
  • Explore - The Positive Intentions of Negative States
  • Learn - Valuable techniques that help "quieten mental chatter" and increase relaxation
  • Learning - The Important Difference between "What People Want" vs "What They Don't Want ?

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